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Cycle Addicts Supported schemes

Cycle Scheme at Cycle Addicts
Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value. It's like a year-round sale, with interest free credit available in over 
2,000 retailers nationwide.
Either your employer or one of several companies can act as administrator, the biggest and best known being Cyclescheme. Cycle Addicts are affiliated to Cyclescheme, the Bike2Work scheme, CyclePlus, The Green commute initiative with it's higher valve perfect for E-bikes and Bikes for the NHS; we also accept Halfords Vouchers. In most cases the administrators issue you with a Certificate that can be exchanged for a bike and any safety equipment here at Cycle Addicts.

1. Pick Your Package.

Select a package that suits your needs.                                  


Just a bikeA bike and accessoriesJust accessories

                       Just a bike                                                A bike and accessories                                          Just accessories


2. Get Your Gear

Your employer will review your application and pay for your Cyclescheme package. Cyclescheme will  then instantaneously send you an eCertificate.

You can exchange your eCertificate for your gear in-store or online at


3. Choose an ownership option

When your Hire Agreement and salary sacrifice ends, you can keep your Cyclescheme package by making a small additional payment.

Cyclescheme will contact you regarding ownership options at the end of your Hire Agreement. Participants on standard schemes tend to save between 25 and 39% when they use our recommended ownership option.



What is an ownership fee?

An ownership fee is a cost you must pay at the end of your Hire Period if you wish to keep your bike. The fee enables you to retain the bike whilst avoiding any benefit-in-kind liability.

Cyclescheme strongly recommends that all participants that wish to keep their bike and/or accessories packages choose the 'Own it later' option (as it's the cheapest).


How much can I spend on the cycle to work scheme?

The maximum Certificate value available via the scheme for the vast majority of participants is £1,000 inc. VAT (unless your employer has their own Consumer Credit Authorisation).


It's very rare for employers to have a minimum spend, but this can occasionally be the case (at the employer's discretion). Unless you've been told otherwise, it's fairly safe to assume this will not apply to you.


Can I add funds?


As a general rule, if the total value of the bike and/accessories you require for your cycle commute is in excess of your Employer’s maximum limit, you may be able to add your own funds to the Certificate value.

As there are a handful of employers that don't allow this practice it is advisable to check with your employer, or our Contact Centre.

I think I can save more than £1,000...

Some employers have their own Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorisation and allow their employees to request Certificates worth over £1,000. Although this is the exception rather than the rule (approx. 5% of employers are able to do this). Again, feel free to check with your employer, or our Contact Centre.


How are cycle to work savings made?

Cycle to work operates as a 'salary sacrifice' employee benefit. This means that you agree to give up part of your salary in exchange for a benefit – in this instance the benefit is a bike and/or accessories. The salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary (before tax) which means that you will pay less Income Tax and National insurance.


What happens if the bike is stolen?

Firstly, if you are reading this article because your bike has been stolen we want to extend our sympathetic condolences to you. Bike theft, and burglary in general, is a blight on society and we're very sorry if you're in the midst of the trauma it can cause.


Because the theft of a cycle to work scheme bike often involves commitments to other parties (such as your employer) we have a strict process that must be followed, although we are sympathetic to the plight of anyone who has suffered at the hands of unscrupulous bike thieves there is sadly no wiggle room regarding writing off the value of the bike. Cyclescheme widely communicates the importance of insuring the bike and has brokered a 15% discount to help with this.  


If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, as long as you replace the bike and continue to use it mainly for commuting purposes, the employer can continue to take the salary sacrifice reductions from gross salary. This means that you can still take advantage of the Income Tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) savings.


If the bike is stolen before it has been paid for, and it is not replaced, this, unfortunately, constitutes the end of your Hire Agreement and any outstanding salary sacrifice repayments will be taken from your net pay. This means that you cannot take advantage of the Income Tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) savings.


If your bike has been stolen, please email with the following information:


Date of the theft

Police Station Reported to

Crime Reference number

Is the bike insured?

Has your employer been notified?

Are any outstanding Salary Sacrifice reductions being taken from Net salary?


Can I participate in the cycle to work scheme?

To participate in the scheme you must receive your salary via the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and be a working adult aged 16 or over. Your employer needs to be signed up and your earnings should be more than the National Living Wage (NLW) or National Minimum Wage (NMW) after the salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary.


If you are paid on or near NLW/NMW, your employer will be able to offer an alternative means of applying to participate in the scheme and you will still be able to benefit through reduced cost of hire.


It is worth noting that there is no credit check if you wish to participate, and if you are under 18 you can join the scheme if your guardian signs a guarantor agreement. Being on probation should not affect your eligibility - if you are unsure, please check with your employer.


What can I get on the cycle to work scheme?

You can get whatever you need to keep you in the saddle and cycle commuting regularly. Including any type of bike, e-bike or cycle with at least 2 wheels.


There are 3 package types to choose from, click here to jump to more information on them.


The only cycle to work scheme exceptions are:


GPS ride trackers and navigation devices

Bike racks for cars


Turbo trainers or rollers

Gift cards

Nutricational products / foodstuffs

Everything else is allowable. For example:


Bikes (including all variants of adapted bikes, recumbents and hand cycles)


Cycle specific clothing


Components i.e. groupsets, brake levers






Child seats

Bags (on-bike and off-bike)

Cycle trailers

Anything that is going to help you and your bike arrive at work (warm, safe and secure) are essentially allowable.


What happens at the end of the Hire Period?

At the end of your Hire Period an Ownership Fee will be due. Please refer to the 'What is an Ownership Fee?' answer for more information.