Mens Commuter / Hybrid Bikes


Mens Hybrid & Commuter Bikes

If you are looking for a hybrid or commuter bike you are in the right place!  We have a wide range of Kona and Orbea bikes to choose from.  If you are looking for your first hybrid bike or commuter bike we are more than happy to give advice to be sure that you buy the perfect bike for you.  We also offer bespoke builds if you have something a bit more specific in mind.

Contact Us & Refunds

We are always happy to speak to our customers so feel free to get in touch!  You can call us on 01706 860 188 or fill out or online contact form.

We also have an online refund policy if you fancy a read.  We are an independent retailer and always want our customers to be happy with what you have bought so you will come back to us time and time again.

Genesis 2017 Borough


Genesis 2017 CdA 10


Genesis 2017 CdA 20


Genesis 2017 Day One 10


Genesis 2017 Day One 20


Genesis 2017 Flyer


Genesis 2017 Skyline 10


Genesis 2017 Skyline 20


Genesis 2017 Skyline 30


Genesis 2017 Smithfield


Genesis 2017 Vapour CX 10


Genesis Delta 20 2017 Road Bike


7 day return policy - if not satisfied with your order